New Ghost Stories Podcast 22 - Prince of Foxes part 2


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And with this episode we bring season 2 of the New Ghost Stories Podcast to a close. A huge thanks from me for listening to the podcast and for reading along to these blogs.

We will of course be back very soon with a new bonus episode. I ran a poll on Twitter pitting 4 classic stories against each other. It was tight in the end, but there was a clear winner, and it’s a highly-regarded piece by a master of terror known for their tales of nautical horror.

We’ll follow that up with another New Ghost Stories Podcast short, ahead of season 3, which will start in October. Just in time for Halloween.

Alas, the New Ghost Stories archive is not endless. Season 3 will probably not be the final season of the podcast, but it might be the last long season. I still have stories ready to go and a few in the works. How the podcast goes beyond season 3 will depend on how long it takes to bring in and prepare those new cases. We’ll have to see how it goes.

If you want to bring about more episodes quicker, please do spread the word. Mentioning the podcast on social media, or leaving a review makes a huge difference and really helps the show to grow.

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New Ghost Stories Volume Three is out now in both ebook and paperback. Non-Kindle ebook formats are available from Smashwords.

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