New Ghost Stories Podcast 14 - In a Box


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As you’ll hear in the introduction to this month’s podcast, this is one of the more difficult and distressing of the New Ghost Stories cases.

In the podcast you will get one view of events. Another version of events obviously does exist. There is no version without a tragic outcome. The question here is who is responsible.

I will point out here, once again, that by featuring a subject’s account on this podcast is not an endorsement of their views or their version of events.

I do believe that they are not lying to me, based on our conversations and substantiating evidence. But I always invite the listener to draw their own conclusions.

The podcast only features one person’s version of events. Other interpretations are plausible. I am not an arbiter of truth and have never claimed to be.

Whether these disclaimers will prevent any new legal threats, I don’t know. I did think twice about putting this podcast out, in case old conflicts are stoked again.

But I don’t feel as though I should ultimately treat this case any differently than any other.  No court has chosen to convict the subject; I make no judgement on their guilt or anyone else’s.

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