Time for a project update

Because it's been a while...

Things have been a little crazy of late, and not just because of the pandemic. I keep making plans for New Ghost Stories and they keep being overturned, for reasons both good and bad.

I won’t dive too deep into what’s been happening in my personal life. But asides from my work on New Ghost Stories, I’m a paid copywriter and I work contracts for a couple of clients.

My main contract was due to come to an end last year, and when the pandemic came along, it seemed unlikely I’d be offered a new one. That was a shame, but it would mean I’d have plenty of time to work on New Ghost Stories Volume 3. I was actually thinking I might be able to get it out in early 2021.

But rather than the pandemic bringing an end to my paid work, it ended up getting extended. And extended. My client kept revising their plans so they kept asking me to stick around.

I can’t complain of course. I’ve been extremely lucky to have this income during an uncertain time which has been challenging for so many people.

Last summer I was in a spot where I had 7 stories pretty much ready to go for New Ghost Stories Volume 3. I had the choice of stopping there and publishing the work I’d done. Or I could finish an 8th story which I’d done a little work on already.

Now, this 8th case was a good one. Unlike any case I’d written about before. And most importantly, it was related to one of my previous cases. It would be something unprecedented in the New Ghost Stories archive – my first sequel!

I was nowhere near finished, however, and lockdown was going to make research harder. But with unemployment looming, I decided to hold off publishing and throw myself into it. Because I’d have the time, right?

Oh well. As I said, I can’t really complain. It’s just been tricky balancing my time. I’ve struggled to do much more than put out the podcast every month.

Hopefully, things will be a bit different going forward. I’m engineering a better work-life balance that will allow me to put out book 3 this summer. Can’t commit to a date yet because, even assuming I have more time, the work takes as long as it takes.

I appreciate your support and your patience. I’m going to keep the name of this last story secret, because it’s a bit exciting. In the meantime, the proposed running order for New Ghost Stories Volume 3 is as follows:

  • Coming Home

  • The Accident

  • Roadkill

  • After the Flood

  • No Good Deed

  • How Long Will This Go On?

  • Vandals

  • TBC

Some of these have been available on my Substack already – Roadkill and How long will this go on? are still available to read. I also previewed After the Flood on the Podcast.

I look forward to sharing the rest of the stories with you very soon.

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