New Ghost Stories Podcast Shorts - Down the Back of the Sofa


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Time is in such short supply at the moment. I’m preparing to move house and at the same time I’m trying to finish a new story for Christmas. This story came in too late to be featured in New Ghost Stories Volume Three, but as it was a festive story - something of a rarity in the archive - I decided to push on with it.

I don’t like to make things easy for myself.

So this month, we have one of my New Ghost Stories shorts. And it might be seen as something of a pleasant change of pace after the rather heavy and bleak nature of the previous two episodes.

It’s certainly amongst the more bizarre accounts from the New Ghost Stories archive. And considering some of the phenomena that have featured so far, I don’t say that lightly. I won’t post any spoilers here of course, I’ll just leave you to enjoy a scary story in which, refreshingly, few people are permanently traumatised by what occurred.  

New Ghost Stories Volume Three is out now in both ebook and paperback. Non-Kindle ebook formats are available from Smashwords.

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