New Ghost Stories Podcast 10 - When it Rains...


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Some have argued against the ethics of what I do. Some I have spoken to could be classed as vulnerable. People with significant mental health difficulties. Am I engaging in an act of exploitation?

It’s certainly plays on my mind. I have declined to proceed with some cases because I felt that the subject was not in a fit state to give coherent testimony. But in most circumstances, I have chosen to at least hear people out and let them tell their story.

I’ve generally not declined to publish cases where the account can be backed up by direct and circumstantial evidence. Even if the subject shows tendencies that make it easy to doubt their word. Either the account stands or it does not.

As I’ve said before, I am not of the view that some people don’t deserve to be spoken to. The subject at the centre of this episode may not be an appealing character – they have almost certainly committed a terrible crime. But that still should not deprive them of the chance to speak.

I don’t believe that anyone has come to any harm because of their contribution to New Ghost Stories. I have always done what I can to anonymise each story. There have been a couple of cases where people have been uncovered by internet sleuths. I have changed my methodology to compensate for this. And I am now candid with subjects that there is always a small risk that they could be uncovered.  

I understand that there is an issue over consent, and there have been allegations about exploitation. But it is ultimately, I believe, simply a case of allowing someone to have a voice. Everyone has a right to tell their story, regardless of their circumstances.

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