New Ghost Stories Podcast 8 - Blind


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Sometimes, it’s possible to find comfort in ambiguity. It could have happened, it might not have happened. You can’t be sure, so you just file it under ‘weird’ because it’s unsolvable and you’ll just never know.

It’s tougher to do that when you see the fallout of something strange. I don’t want to give away too many details about what happened in this particular case, for the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with it. But there are several outcomes that are beyond dispute. Things that provably occurred include:

- Two people becoming permanently disabled

- The murder of at least one person

- One person disappearing without trace

- One person being institutionalised in the aftermath

That would all be astounding enough on its own, even without the supernatural elements.

These are the elements that people may doubt to be true. But some of these elements also have multiple witnesses. Normally a New Ghost Stories case features one person’s testimony; they may nominate others to confirm elements of their story, but they are rarely witness to key events. This is a rare case where multiple people witnessed events along with the subject, and they were only too happy to corroborate elements of their story.

Where the exact truth lies is hard to determine. But there is so much here that we do know that is true, and which is all incredibly disturbing. Some people don’t take the supernatural very seriously. I think this case proves that whether you believe in ghosts or not, you should still take them very seriously indeed.

New Ghost Stories Volume 3 is out in 2021. You can read a sample story here and check out previous volumes here.