New Ghost Stories Podcast Ep 2 - Wrong Number


In each episode of the New Ghost Stories Podcast we revisit a case from the New Ghost Stories archive. Wrong Number was my 47th case and came at a moment when I was starting to lose faith in the project.

Approaching 50 cases, I was starting to fear that the work was no longer feasible. Despite many hours spent on research and following up leads, I had so far only one story which I felt was really ready for publication. I was close to giving up and moving on.

Fortunately, this case bore fruit quite quickly. Because this story involved a much reported on case of murder, there were plenty of recorded facts that gave weight to the subject’s account. That, added to the consistency and clarity of their story, convinced me that I finally did have a real story here that needed to be told.

It’s a strange and fascinating story too. A tale of broken hearts, tortured souls, love, loss and tragedy. It’s one of a small number of New Ghost Stories that has a somewhat happy ending. Not that everything is neatly resolved by the end of course.

It’s strange to think now that had I not heard this tale, I might well have missed out on hearing so many more. In a strange way I’m grateful for it, which feels perverse. I’m sure all involved would rather life had turned out much differently.

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