New Ghost Stories Podcast Ep3 - Knock Down Ginger


It’s often the case that people who experience a supernatural event are already haunted by some trauma or turmoil. Some personal strain, past or present, that made their experience all the more accute and painful.

It could be that it’s this strain that makes them more susceptible to a mental delusion. Or it could be that this moment of crisis allows them to comprehend that which otherwise would go unseen. Opinions obvously vary.

And yet supernatural experiences also happen to normal people who are just going about their daily lives with simple, everyday concerns.

What happens to the subject in Knock Down Ginger is hard to unravel. You’ll find clues in this account; this haunting may go back many years. It may have impacted the life of a relative for some time. Or equally their eccentricities may have been completely unrelated, we can only guess.

What is clear is that the subject had little to gain from speaking to me of her experiences. It was a traumatic event, but it was just a few days in her life. She has overcome it, moved on from it. She has no demons to speak of.

And yet, for those few short days, she was faced with something that became truly terifying.

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New Ghost Stories Volume 3 is out in 2021. You can read a simple story here and check out previous volumes here.