New Ghost Stories Volume Three is out now

Today’s the day! New Ghost Stories Volume Three is out in both ebook and paperback.

This is the culmination of over 4 years work. It’s quite a relief to finally see it come out. It was never meant to take this long. But these last few years have been challenging for all us. I’m proud, and quite relieved, to see it finally released.

Volume Three takes us from flooded houses to haunted hotels. We meet burnt out parents stalked by shadows; a social media star followed by a stranger in their home; a professor forced off the road into the path of an ancient evil…

… and we finally discover what happened to the woman at the end of The Rhythm of Six. New Ghost Stories Volume Three features the sequel to the first ever New Ghost Story. In The Rhythm of Eight we discover the origins of the ghost that knocks, and the tragic history of the one man who might be able to stop him.

You can order New Ghost Stories Volume Three from Amazon in ebook and paperback. It’s also available from Smashwords for anyone who wants it in a different ebook format.

Here’s a little teaser trailer. I hope you enjoy it.