New Ghost Stories Podcast 5.1 - Another Face in the Crowd Part 1


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Another Face in the Crowd is perhaps the most typical example of an ‘Internal Haunting’.

If you’ve been keeping up with the podcast, you’ll know that the last two episodes have dealt with external hauntings – cases where a subject comes into contact with something supernatural via a chance encounter. What they experienced could well have happened to anyone.

Internal hauntings, as I categorise them, are unlikely to be experienced by any bystander. They are very much tied to the subject’s own experiences and their state of mind.

They’re both the least reliable accounts in the New Ghost Stories archive, and the most intriguing. I’ve often said that in some sense, it doesn’t matter whether these stories are true or not. Much that is fascinating about them always lies beneath the surface. Any deceit or delusion points to another elusive truth to untangle.

When doing my research, I can only go so far in uncovering corroborating evidence. At some point, in every case, it comes down to a simple question of whether I believe the subject or not. I can scrutinise what they say as much as possible, but ultimately, I have to make a call as to whether I believe they’re telling the truth. And by truth, I mean what they believe to be true.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that the subject at the centre of Another Face in the Crowd is telling the truth. This is a very human story. One about a man forced to face his demons in the most terrifying way. The story may be extraordinary, but the cause could simply be very ordinary - vulnerability, anxiety, destructive self-doubt.

It reminds us that at the centre of every incredible tale, are very normal people, facing very normal struggles. In that sense, an internal haunting can happen to anyone too. After all, we’re only human.

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