New Ghost Stories Podcast Ep4 - The Black Clock


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The Black Clock makes an interesting companion to Knock Down Ginger, which featured in episode 3. They’re both cases I’ve come to think of as ‘external hauntings’. Hauntings which appear to be connected to something physical, and not an extension of someone’s psychological state.

The subject’s experience occurs essentially because of chance; it could well have happened to anyone, and others are likely to have come into contact with it.

This is in contrast to ‘internal hauntings’ which seem directly related to a subject’s mental state. Because of some great strain, they become aware of ghosts, either because their altered state means that they can ‘peer through the veil’ or because they start to experience delusions.

Of course I acknowledge that someone experiencing an external haunting can also be delusional (or simply making things up). But an apparently sound mind does lend more credence to a subject’s testimony.

An internal haunting will be the subject of the next episode. As for the titular ‘Black Clock’ it’s frustrating that no further trace of it can be found. If it had been passed on, from one person to another, a whole range of further witness accounts could be gathered. From this, a set of consistent experiences could be documented and compared. A far more reliable and persuasive series of claims than the usual ‘several people claim to have seen’ collection of anecdotes.

Alas, this trail has gone cold. But other cases may yet bear fruit in this regard. I will, of course, publish more details if and when they come to light.

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